Lucid Chinatrip Documentary

a design journey

In the summer of 2013, we were ready to go.. it was time for the Lucid China Trip! With 26 students of Industrial Design accompanied by 3 three staff members we headed of to our adventure in China.

In these three weeks we got more familiar with each other, as well as with the Chinese culture and all the wonderful things we encountered in this Eastern world. In a mixture of culture, design and business our trip took us through various cities, that each differed in size, ambiance and surroundings.

The country is of course well-known for the label ‘Made in China’ but us young designers explored what ‘Designed in China’ means. Why are all the companies located there and what does ‘design’ mean in this foreign culture?

This documentary is a collection of episode that are a reflection on the difference in culture and design. Learn about how a copy culture goes hand in hand with a protective nature, do you design as an individual or for the common good? We find cultural traditions in the good old stuff but we might also find these in the ‘brand new’. Should we see China as the ‘The Factory of the World’? And how to find tranquility in an overpopulated place?

Sit back and join the discussion!


Lucid’s China Docu Team

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